Secret Steves



In a lonely galaxy, millions of light-years away, there was a lifeform called Steve, who lived on the Planet of the Steves – populated only by Steves. Every Steve on the Planet of the Steves, looked up at the stars and thought – is there anything else in the universe but Steve?

For some Steves, the awe of distant stars was not enough, they had to reach them. They had to know that they were not alone. A battalion of Steves broke away from the hive mind. With their advanced technology and intelligence, they birthed a wormhole in the orbit of their planet. They entered the wormhole and were sling-shot into the unknown.

Only two thousand Steves survived the perilous journey through multi-dimensional time and space. They landed on our modern Earth and were baffled. Billions of lifeforms, and one intelligent species – Humans. Will Steve become humans' new best friend? Find out by minting your own Steve!


My Collection


25% Planet of the Steves

A battalion of 2000 Steves are stranded on the Planet of the Steves. Whilst they eagerly await to be rescued and set free on the blockchain, a few needs must be met:

  • Rally a troop of Steve supporters on Twitter and Discord

  • Develop website

  • Commence an integrated marketing campaign

  • Weekly giveaways of SCRT and WL spots (250) to attract IBC frens

50% Set your Steve free

Once our army of Steve supporters are ready, it’s time to set the Steves free!

  • Two-phase mint. 250 lucky whitelist sports will gain early access to mint a Steve. Public mint will commence a few hours after, and will be open until all 2000 Steves are freed.

  • Integration with secondary marketplace (Stashh).

75% Live with your Steve

Now that the Steves have escaped the Planet of the Steves, it's time to give them free reign in the real world... Are you ready?

  • Our accomplished design team have rendered 3D AR (Augmented Reality) Steves. This gives Steve holders the ability to bring their unique Steve into the real world. Simply use your smartphone camera and watch your Steve come to life!

  • AR Steves will be integrated with the most popular social networking apps and allow users to post pictures/videos with their Steve in the real world.

100% Meet other Steves

Let your Steve interact with his mates!

  • We will collaborate with other Secret Network projects to enable the ability of integration of Steve and the Secret metaverse.


When is Mint date?

Mint will be early May. The specific date and time will be announcedlater on Twitter and Discord.

What is mint price?

Each Steve will cost 15 SCRT.

What are AR (Augmented Reality) Steves and how do I get one?

AR Steves - or Augmented Reality Steves - are NFTs that allow you to bring your Steve to life! Like a Snapchat or Instagram filter, simply use your smartphone camera to watch your Steve appear in the real world. The exact distribution mechanisms of AR Steves will be announced on Twitter and Discord at a later date, but Steve holders will be rewarded in some way by the AR Steve drop!

Who is Spaghetti Sam?

Spaghetti Sam is Secret Steve's arch-enemy! Join our Discord to find out more about Sam!

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